Heart Lab applies human physiology science to cultivate hyper-performing businesses in three core areas: Physiological Coherence, Actionable Innovations, and Strategic Futuring. 

Physiological Coherence

Research is showing us that individuals, leaders, and teams are better when they are coherent. In coherent physiological states the brain, heart, and body are working in harmony. Heart Lab researches coherence science and applies it to develop frameworks and methodology to inspire new ideas, increase team collaboration and develop coherent leaders.

Actionable Innovations

Heart Lab applies the latest in human physiology and cognitive and social behavior science to improve the quality of innovative ideas and bridge the gap between ideas and action. For example, Heart Labs’s Innovation Mind Lab (IMLab) methodology, has helped organizations generate better ideas, develop actionable innovations, and streamline the implementation process.

Strategic Futuring

Research is showing that our brains can either work against us or for us when we are thinking about and taking action towards a specific future. Heart Lab uses the latest in neuroscience research to develop foresight strategies that help leaders and organizations more accurately scan the horizon for what is emerging from the Future X – the unknown future.

Heart Lab Team

Tyler W Mongan is the Founder and Lead Researcher of Heart Lab.  He has facilitated over 100 innovation and strategy experiences across the globe. He consults high-growth start-ups, fortune 500 companies, and government agencies on how to apply human physiology to Innovation & Strategic Futuring. He is a Ph.D. candidate researching the application of neuroscience, heart-brain communication and quantum medicine science in the emerging business landscape. Tyler speaks at conferences internationally to share his experience, insights, and research.

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